Accessories are the finishing touches in your room. You wouldn’t leave your house without the perfect necklace, shoes, or pocketbook to go with your favorite dress, would you? Now it’s time to incorporate that same concept with your favorite space; your home.


Start by grouping accessories in odd numbers. Your accessories should symbolize you and your interests. Pay close attention to scale and avoid items that have the same height. You can use some of your favorite old books to add a layering effect or use a tray as your base to make an awe-inspiring arrangement.

Consider using large items or wall décor on a large pot shelf to make a greater impact. Lots of small items equal clutter. You also want to group like items together. Keep family photos or a beloved collection together.

Keep in mind when choosing wall décor to vary the mediums. If you have a favorite painting that you want to be your focal point, consider adding supporting art pieces such as a mirror, clock, or metal piece on other walls. You can always use some bold wall color as an accessory too.

Lastly, after placing all of your accessories, step back, take a look and consider editing. Often times less is more and you may find yourself removing some of the items.

These simple tips are a sure-fire way to begin making your house your home.


Jennifer Spencer

Interior Designer

Allied Member – ASID

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