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Free In-Home Design

Free Design services for any, or every stage of your project.

Fifteen Fun & Fabulous Pillows

Houzz Craving change? There’s nothing better than adding a touch of color, pattern or excitement

The Worst Decorating Trends of All Time

Tell us about your worst decorating mistakes!

Heirlooms of the Future

Heirlooms of the Future – as an interior design style – blends older, reclaimed, or industrial features with modern architecture and contemporary features.

La-Z-Boy Winter 2014

Have you seen our latest winter collection? We’re bringing color, texture and pattern into our homes this season with luxurious fabrics, soft pillows, feminine touches and stylish accent chairs.

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours… Houzz Houzz

How Pinteresting! – The Papaya Trend

Houzz After visiting furniture market in Highpoint, NC we have fallen in love with the array

How Pinteresting! – Today’s Tartans and Plaids

Traditional Plaids and Tartans are fresh again this season. The classic colors of these patterns

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La-Z-Boy Arizona
Welcome to the home of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® of Arizona. We believe that everyone should “Live life comfortably”. It is our mission to help you do just that with our free In-Home design service offered at all 10 of our Arizona locations.