Wispy, frolicking and breezy stripes know just how to take conventional down a notch. It will use its inside voice and pull you right in to a lighthearted room setting. Take a chance with the softer side of a stripe and use your imagination to see where it takes you.

This stripe is fresh like a mouthful of air and will lift your spirits while it brings a cheerful voice to your room. Stripes can be clean, natural and hang next to linen like it would if it were on a clothesline in the backyard. A soft band of color will take you seaside while you walk on the supple sand of pastel or bathe in bright sunshine.

Playful stripes will whisper dreamy romance to lace and ruffles; it will lie in the grass and reveal pictures in the clouds above. The softer characteristic of a stripe will open your imagination and let you play in whimsical freshness. It will take you down a country road and lead you to a lane that is flanked with luscious peach trees.

Believe me when I say, I would follow a stripe wherever it leads my imagination.


Sonja Shaw

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID

Featured Articles:

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