You have to pick just the right one to fill the gap. Even designers have a tough time because the options seem endless. Wood Rectangle? Round with stone top? Storage or no storage?

  1. Distance from your sofa: Make sure the table is not more than 18″ away from your sofa. It needs to be close enough to set a drink or a magazine down as well accommodate guest with long legs. In fact, all your seating should have a surface within 18″ for landing a drink.
  2. Think about height: Height is incredibly important as your coffee table shouldn’t be more 1 or 2 inches higher or lower than the seat of your sofa.
  3. Balance the scale: Strike a balance between your sofa and coffee table styles. If you have a plush, solid-color sofa, try a light and airy style coffee table. If your sofa is petite with clean lines, you’re fine with a chunkier table.
  4. Don’t forget function: For a kid-friendly room, consider something with rounded corners, extra storage, a shelf underneath or even a plush ottoman in lieu of a table. If you have reclining furniture in your space, your table should be on casters.


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