I recently made a change. After nudging me for six months my hairdresser got his way! I allowed him to cut my hair. I went from mid-length layered to short and angled. The difference this has made in my life has been tremendous. Beyond lots of positive comments from my family, friends and co-workers, I felt a renewed youth; an unexpected confidence. I felt lighter on my feet and ready to move forward. I LOVE my new haircut!

The same can be true in your home. If you have a tired room and are looking for a way to give it a renewed youth, make a small change. Try new sets of pillows in complementary colors to your current color scheme: like lime green with a brown, tan and rust; or hot pink with shades of gray and blue.


Change your area rug to a brighter, cheerier pattern.


Add a new piece of art or a wall clock.

Paint an accent wall.

Any of these changes made to a room in your home can make you feel lighter on your feet and ready to move forward. Be fearless and you will LOVE your room!


Jill Morse

Interior Designer

Associate Member, IDS


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