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Free In-Home Design

Free Design services for any, or every stage of your project.

(Re)Collected and Reclaimed Design

Create a comfortable sense of antiquity that is very easy to live in and loaded with interest and texture.

The Newlyweds – Help, our styles are opposite!

Houzz Once upon a time… I was designing a room for a recently married couple,

Secrets from a Floral Designer

Here are a few tips to maximize your results without turning into Ebenezer.

5 Ways to Cozy Up your Home for the Holidays

1. Holiday Jingles – Whether you are home alone or entertaining a crowd, kick the

Oh, My Boring Room!

Does your room give you the snores? Well, let’s find what’s most important in your

Old Windows – Not a Pane

I was recently in North Dakota visiting family and was inspired by old windows that my

A Chair that Speaks with an Accent – Meet Riley!

Hi Folks! Riley is my name and comfort is my game!

To Rug or Not to Rug? THAT is the Question

Have you ever walked into a room and had the nagging thought that something just

Balancing Act

Like any show of artistry, a key fundamental of interior design is keeping a room

Hair Apparent

Be fearless and you will LOVE your room!

A Tiskett, A Tassel

Tassels make the ordinary extraordinary!

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