As a designer for La-z-boy Furniture Galleries in the Phoenix metropolitan area, I love working with clients who have winter homes in Arizona. They come from all over the coldest parts of the US as well as Canada. They want to warm up, thaw out, get movin’, and BLOOM! Some have purchased new and empty homes, some are ready to re-do a home they bought furnished. Any way they come, they seem to have a common thread, a seed planted in their brains…the desire to make their winter homes different from what they have at home. This requires a bit of courage as they peek through the soil of what they have done in the past, reaching and stretching into a new style in which to live.

As a designer, I act as the gardener of the project. I carefully listen to their needs and wants. I make suggestions of upholstery and accessories I know will transform their homes. This is the water to help make their new design style come to life. A beautiful Traditional style back home becomes a clean lined Contemporary; a heavy Tuscan style becomes a simple Rustic-Western all in the warmth of the sparkling, endless Arizona sunshine! And the result? Our winter friends BLOOM! Their own courage and their trust in their designer has led them to a place of comfort and delight as they enjoy a winter home that is very different from what they had before. The step out of the comfort zone has paid off! They have a winter home they can’t wait to get to every year. And in all of that, they have surprised themselves! They have BLOOMED!

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