The History of EBCO, Inc.

A letter was written by Ed Breunig Jr. on November 19, 1982, to a gentleman by the name of Pat Norton, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing for La-Z-Boy Chair Company. In this letter, Ed accepted the challenge and opportunity of owning and operating the first La-Z-Boy Showcase Shoppe in Phoenix Arizona. Very proudly, the last sentence in that letter states “The Breunig Family looks forward to a prosperous future with La-Z-Boy Chair Company”. It all began in 1983. Ed Breunig, Jr. and his wife Claudia.

EBCO, Inc. was born on Thursday, April 27, 1983, at approximately 6:00 pm. Ed Breunig, Jr, and his wife Claudia hosted a soft Grand Opening for the very first La-Z-Boy Showcase Shoppe which was located at 4201 E Thomas Road in Phoenix Arizona.  That evening the store was filled with family, friends and a few very prestigious members of the La-Z-Boy family. Kurt Darrow (now the CEO of La-Z-Boy, Inc.) was the Western Regional Manager for La-Z-Boy Chair Company and Steve Matlock who was the Sales Representative for Arizona was in attendance. Ed would go on to open to open 5 more successful stores over the next 16 years.


In 1999, Ed Breunig III along with Ron Hernandez purchased the company from his father. Caring, Knowledge and Service (CKS) became our focus and the In-Home Design program was born!

“My experience working for my Mom and Dad for those nine years before buying the company in 1999, taught me that it included helping our employees get what they need to be successful, doing what’s right regardless of the cost, and never settling for the status quo. As time went on it became clearer to me that we have the great responsibility to not only care for our own people but also to care for the client and the beauty and comfort they have in their homes.”

Ed continued to grow the business, and by 2009, we were 10 stores strong. And by 2016, we designed over 60,000 homes in Arizona through our In-Home design program.


In 2010, in the midst of an economic turn-down, Ed shared his vision of becoming the Greatest Retail Show on Earth (GRSOE), and we began our journey to follow the Toyota Lean Principles, a management philosophy pioneered by Toyota that seeks to maximize customer experience while minimizing waste through a process of continuous improvement and innovation. Over the next 6 years, we would increase our business by_%, implement over 2300 new ideas, that have improved the lives of our customers, employees, and our community.


This is our past, we are innovating our present, and who knows what the future holds.


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