Let’s talk literally about the elephant in the room. Great design doesn’t have to always be serious. Lighten up, laugh a little, and have fun. Every well-designed space is made even better by incorporating the unexpected; a bit of whimsy. Whether it’s inside or outside, one item can make the difference between mundane and imaginative fun.


Driving through the Sun Lakes, AZ community, I noticed the trend to decorate the pillar-style, stucco mailboxes. Some were beautiful sculptures, some were flags, but my favorite mailbox decorations were the most whimsical ones. The unexpected Mardi Gras Pig tells me the people in the house love to laugh and are probably great fun at gatherings.


I met Jasper the Gargoyle hanging on Lee & Jean’s outside patio wall in Gilbert, Arizona. As a protective guardian, Jasper provides that unexpected smile and laugh on an otherwise nondescript privacy wall.

Just like Sylvia in Arizona City, who isn’t afraid to show her love of animals in a big way, go ahead and show your unique personality with a touch of whimsy.

Don’t be afraid of the elephant in the room!


Betsy Burgan

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID

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