Returning to my desk after a couple of days off, I discovered two of my teammates had left a photo of a brunette in sunglasses on my desk. Troy and Hanna wanted me to know that I reminded them of one of the girls on the TV show “Pretty Little Liars”. Well, let’s just say, I definitely qualify for the “Little” since I am only 5 feet 1 inch.


The “Pretty Little Liars” title reminded me of a collection of La-Z-Boy® recliners we refer to as Designers’ Choice. These “Pretty Little Recliners” are not your grandpa’s over-stuffed beasts because they are all so stylish, fashionable and “Pretty”.

The “Liar” part comes because looking at this collection of chairs you won’t believe they really do recline. Even when you take a quick look for that handle on the side you won’t find it because there isn’t one. The La-Z-Boy® Designers’ Choice collection has some great lines, detailed tailoring, pretty feet and classic beauty. You will find over 20 traditional, contemporary or transitional styles with over 400 different fabrics to choose from.


Now you can have it all, style and comfort when you sit in these “Pretty Little Liars Recliners”.

Series: Pretty Little Recliners


Betsy Burgan

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID

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