How to create an Olioboard:

Olioboard Example

  1. Go to Olioboard.com and create an account
  2. Go to lazboy.com/screentest and screen test your sofa
  3. Right click on the sofa image and select Save As
  4. Select the folder where you would like to save the image (You may also at the ‘Add to Olioboard’ button to your browser. You will find instructions here)
  5. Click Open, Name the image and Save to your folder. Repeat with all your upholstery pieces
  6. Continue the same process with other vendor websites. You may also search for an image using Google Images. When using Google Images always name your product, otherwise it will not properly save
  7. Always select the photo with a white background instead of image with product shown in a vignette. If image is too fuzzy from a vendor, go to Google Image Search to look for a higher resolution image
  8. Once all your product is saved from all your vendors go to Olioboard.com
  9. At top of page click Create.
  10. Click the My Items tab on the right side of your screen
  11. If you used the Add to Olioboard button on your browser, your items will be loaded to your library
  12. If you have your images saved to a folder, click Upload Item
  13. Click Add Images
  14. Select the image(s) from you folder to upload (You can upload several photos at a time by using Ctrl/A)
  15. Click Upload Items (Item will be highlighted in green as it is uploaded)
  16. It will switch to another screen to name and tag items. Add details to your item.  The Name field is a required field
  17. In the Tag field, enter your project name. This allows you to pull up only that images that you need for a specific project
  18. Click Save
  19. You will be returned to your Olioboard page
  20. Click My Items and you will see the images you uploaded in your library
  21. To create a specific client presentation, Click on Search, then enter the project name you entered into the tag field
  22. For live presentations, it is important to only have the images on your screen that pertain to the project you are presenting, or it may cause confusion with the client
  23. Now to create an Olioboard…drag product unto area. Enlarge the piece and begin layering to create your Olioboard.  Finish Oliboard, Save Draft and name the Olioboard.
  24. Click PublishFinished and go to Olioboards
  25. To Print, pull up your Olioboard, click Print and it will print a smaller Olioboard along with thumbnails of all product from the board. If tagged correctly, this can be a list for your sales associate to use for pricing for your client
  26. To print Olioboard only,  Save to the folder on your computer, Open and Print

For a visual tutorial on how to use Olioboard, watch the video below. To find more advanced tutorials, visit the Olioboard YouTube Channel.

For additional questions on  Design and Technology or to sign up for It’s All In The Box – In-Home Design Training for your market, contact Julie Coleman.

Julie Coleman Interior Designer Allied Member, ASID Director of Design – EBCO Inc., La-Z-Boy of Arizona colemanj@la-z-boyaz.com

Julie Coleman

Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID

Director of Design – EBCO Inc. La-Z-Boy Arizona


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