Kitchens are typically the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, talk, create, dream, imagine, and don’t forget EAT! Kitchen islands are a functional and beautiful part of that space. Islands come in all shapes and sizes, finishes and materials, and they are becoming quite the star of the kitchen, adding color, personality, and pizzazz .  Some function well, adding to the ease of meal prep, making extra storage, and housing larger appliances. But some become landing spots for things like mail and car keys and never get used for the preparation of anything! How do we make sure kitchen islands function well and look great?

Think about this:

What will my kitchen island do? Why do I need a kitchen island? How many people like to cook in my kitchen? Is there room for more than one cook? What do I need to store? Do I want open or closed storage? What colors or materials will the island be? Will I need bar stools? All of these questions will direct you in planning your kitchen island.

Have you ever thought of using:

  1. A large old chest topped with a piece of granite for your island?
  2. Commercial stainless steel tables for an “open kitchen” look?
  3. Short bookcases back to back give you the storage you need?


Think Inside the Box!

Ever thought about roll out shelves? Electrical outlets inside the island? Organizing racks, organizing dividers?


As John Donne (1572-1631) a Jacobean poet and preacher once said, “No man is and island unto himself,” implying the importance of connecting with people. The kitchen island, the star of the kitchen, is a place where we cook with our families and friends and celebrate life!


Jill Morse - Interior Designer Associate Member IDS

Jill Morse

Interior Designer Associate Member IDS

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