We are not in Kansas anymore.  The 1930s farmhouse style of our agrarian ancestors has moved full throttle into the 21st century, bringing with it a cozy mixture of down-home warmth and sophisticated urban style.  This style is the NEW COUNTRY.


Blending modern materials with rustic affection, this new country look has both feet firmly planted on the corner of urban and rural.  Urban style is defined by metropolitan influences of architecture, structure, and contemporary function.  Urban elements bring strong geometric details, bold blocks of color, tailored straight lines, and shiny surfaces like glass and steel with minimal use of texture and accessories.  In contrast, the rural farmhouse incorporates the country charm of antique elements, the soft edge lines of the field, along with texture and materials that tell a story of history and family.

The New Look of Country by La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

When these two worlds collide in your home, a sensitivity to line and touch emerges.  Rural details knock off the harsh edge of the metropolitan mindset, while urban lines dress up the frumpy feel of the farmhouse.  These blur together to create a sophisticated simplicity that is nothing close to simple.  Bold geometrics play off subtle paint colors, creating a backdrop for life.  Organic materials, such as linen and rusted metal, create a welcome surprise when mixed with high polish and shine.  The urban farmhouse is a place where the heart of home holds hands with downtown style creating a spirit perfectly at home in any scene.

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