The days of having all your tables match are gone, and I’m getting more and more clients asking for a unique, collected look for their tables. My clients still want a pulled together look, but something a bit more interesting.

When I mix tables, I try to find all different types of materials to bring in, but I also make sure there is a commonality. Whether it is a common wood tone, or all the pieces have some sort of metal detail, they still need to relate to each other.

Do your best to mix up the shapes! Try to throw in at least one round table in the room.

Use the unexpected! Use a chest as an end table; it’ll add height to the space and give you some visual interest.

You don’t want your pieces to compete. If I find a piece that has a lot of detail, I try to make sure the other pieces are a bit more simplistic.

Mixing tables can be a little tricky, so I definitely recommend having a plan in mind for your overall look before you dive in. This is such a fun look though, and a great way to show off your personality in your space.


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