I absolutely love the holidays – the smells, the treats, spending time with friends and family, selecting gifts, and overall the holiday spirit! What I don’t love is decorating my home. I don’t have young children to decorate for, but I visit my friends’ homes that have the tree decorated, lights up, and stockings hung by the chimney with care for my holiday decoration fill.

Here lies my predicament: I have a new friend, Elyse, who’s been hounding me to decorate for me, simply because I love the holidays and should bring holiday cheer to my home. We’ve compromised, while she decks her halls, I will do three things to bring the holidays into my home this season. Since she’s the interior designer, she gets to choose the three for me:

1. Hang two wreaths on my front door (one on each side). Elyse recommended real as they have the added benefits of being aromatic and disposable. It’s an early friendship, but she already knows me well. I don’t want boxes & boxes of decorations to store.


2. Now that I have the proper “Holiday Hello” (her words, not mine) to welcome me home each day, the next step is to create the right atmosphere inside. Nothing says holiday comfort like festive, winter scents. Elyse has instructed me to buy two candles: one with warm cider notes, cinnamon, cloves, slightly spicy and sweet; the other with a woodsy tree smell.


3. So now my home is covered for the holidays at first sight and smell. Elyse’s final assignment is for me to dress up my dining table. It’s time for my old silk orchid to take a season off. Elyse gave me a great idea to use some items I already have: stemware and Christmas tree ornament balls. She used them to create a beautifully unique centerpiece.


Maybe you’re like me, no little ones at home, no need to make a big deal out of the holidays. Maybe you’re an empty nester, a single professional, or it’s your first Christmas living on your own. Join me in creating a little holiday cheer, just for yourself. Remember it’s all right to decorate just for you!




Karla Roadifer

Store Manager – La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Flagstaff Arizona



Elyse Sorenson

Interior Designer Allied Member ASID – Flagstaff, Arizona

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