When we think about decorating or re-decorating our homes, we usually have kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms at the top of the list. Often, entryway areas are forgotten. First impressions are important; so why would we not focus on the absolute first thing people see of your house? At first glance, your entryway should be a glimpse into your family, your lifestyle and enticing sneak peek for what is around the corner. Regardless of how small or large your entrance is, you’ll want to follow some general rules of thumb.

1.    Get practical.  Maybe you need storage for shoes, a place to sit, a mirror for one last look before you race out the door.  Now that you have figured out your practical needs, it’s time to hide that clutter. Use a decorative box to conceal wallets and keys. A patterned rug always helps to hide the dirt from the front door and a giant basket is handy for storing purses, pet leashes and grocery totes. A trunk or storage ottoman can double for both seating and shoe storage.

2.    If you don’t have a defined entrance, make the most of your non-existent entryway by combining a rug with some oversized wall décor to separate the space. A double-sided bookcase can also create an elusive “hallway”. If there is no room for a credenza, use a low floating shelf with artwork.

3.    Put your best furniture forward. Entryways are important spaces in our home and essential to setting the overall tone of your space, so decorate it with something exciting first instead of that leftover piece of furniture you don’t know what to do with. This is the place to show-off that “wow” piece!

4.    Let your personality shine and don’t be afraid to make a statement. Use a bold paint color, or a strong piece of art. Display family photos and other meaningful items that share a little bit about your family personality.

5.    Light it up.  Lighting is not only important for safety reasons, but can be a great way to add jewelry and a little sparkle to your space. Let your artwork come to life by illuminating it with recessed lighting. Floor lamps, table lamps or wall sconces will add another layer of ambiance.

A house becomes a home when it’s truly welcoming and your foyer should leave a lasting impression. Whether your goal is to make the front entryway to your home quaint & cozy or vibrant & spacious, a well-dressed foyer that tells a story will go a long way. And with a little planning you can also create a highly functional area that reflects your style and makes your guests feel welcomed.

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