Kitchen Cabinets Want Ad

Does this look like a Want Ad in your home?

Cabinets by Lisa Cook

Most people are confused with what to do with the open space above their cabinets. Great design doesn’t have to be complicated and this applies to your kitchen cabinets, too.

  1. Start with choosing items in the color scheme from adjoining rooms.
  2. The Style of accessory items should blend with the style of other furnishings throughout your home.
  3. Vary the heights of items, paying attention to scale of the ceiling above your cabinets.
  4. Consider leaning or hanging artwork in areas with taller wall space. Vary the textures of accessories from glass and ceramic, to metals and woods, to baskets and weaves.
  5. Add floral arrangements and greenery to soften, bringing in elements of nature.
  6. Create small groupings leaving spaces between for the eye to observe and rest.

Design by Design meets Comfort

Keep it simple and keep it classy. Your kitchen will soon be the envy of your neighborhood!

How NOT to decorate your kitchen cabinets | Design meets Comfort


Betsy Burgan

Betsy Burgan

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