Want to know how to prepare to work with a designer? Here’s a quick list of questions that makes the process easier.

What are you planning on keeping?

  • Know in advance what you’d like to remain in the space, whether it is your current sofa or that old antique chest that’s been in your family for years. It’s important to be clear with your designer about the pieces you love.

Have you seen rooms that you absolutely adore?

    • Pull internet findings or magazine clippings that inspire you. You may also create an on-line pinboard on Pinterest as a way to collect your favorite decorating ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to verbally explain to your designer what you like. Showing pictures to them makes it easier for you to express what you’re wanting and gives the designer a clear vision of your style.


How are you going to be using your space?

  • Do you read? Watch movies? Eat? Entertain? Letting the designer know how you want your space helps them to determine the best pieces for you. This bit of info makes sure that your room not only looks aesthetically pleasing but functions for your lifestyle.

What would you like to invest into this project?

  • Do you just want to update a few smaller pieces or are you doing a complete room makeover? Your budget can be flexible; however, it’s a good idea to be up front about what you’re comfortable spending. It keeps the designer and you on the same page.

Do you have a timeline for your project?

    • Do you want your room completed within the month? 6 months? The next year? How much of your time do you want to invest into your project? These are good things to know and can be vital when choosing a designer to work with. If this is a project with an extended timeline, it’s important that the designer you select also has ample amount of time to invest in your project.

Author: Michelle Djurovic

 Interior Designer

 Allied Member ASID

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