Sonja Shaw

Interior Designer - Allied Member ASID Mesa, Arizona

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Modern Country

Blending modern materials with rustic affection, this new country look has both feet firmly planted on the corner of urban and rural.


To Rug or Not to Rug? THAT is the Question

Have you ever walked into a room and had the nagging thought that something just wasn’t right? I mean, it should be right; the furniture is stylish and the color scheme is current and fresh, but something nags you. You …continue reading


Time Travel – Turn of the Century

I heard a really interesting quote a couple of weeks ago, “The top 10 most in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004.” While I’m not convinced this is entirely true, it makes me think. Technology and information …continue reading


Seeing Stripes – Imagination

Wispy, frolicking and breezy stripes know just how to take conventional down a notch. It will use its inside voice and pull you right in to a lighthearted room setting. Take a chance with the softer side of a stripe and use …continue reading


Into the Gray – Rain in the Desert

It rained yesterday in Phoenix. It never rains in Phoenix. The only time it rains in Phoenix is when it gets so hot the sky actually sweats, we mean, it literally sweats. But yesterday it rained in Phoenix. We love the desert when it …continue reading


Seeing Stripes – Fat, Skinny, Simple and Pretty

Stripes, stripes and more stripes! I love stripes! There are only a few things in this world that really get me going like the clean crisp rhythm of a great stripe. I’m not picky; I like fat stripes, skinny stripes, simple …continue reading