Dealer Training – Agenda


Day 1 –  9:00am to 5:00pm

Welcome – 

Meet & Greet

How this all began?

What we have found since its inception

Where we are today – EBCO statistics

  • Pay Plans
  • Staffing Levels

Objectives for the 2 days


Review & discuss challenges of steps 1-2-3 of the Peak Performance Selling System

How Peak Performance Selling System relates to the In-Home

Lunch – 

What does a real In-Home look like?

Introduce new positions and programs

Take away from the day

Day 2 –  9:00am to 5:00pm

Welcome – 

House call…the before, during and after

Demonstrate “Over-the-Top” In-Home experience

Going out the client’s home

Lunch – 

What does a real In-Store Presentation look like?

R&R for Designers & Sales Associates

Discuss and resolve current issues

What’s next?

  • Accessory Call
  • Home Parties
  • Design Ambassador

Take-Away & Close Seminar

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