6.17.12Completely Coastal

I just returned from a much-loved two days in San Diego where most of my time was spent at the beach. The beach evokes memories of a place where I found peace and comfort in the toughest of times; health and wellness in transitional times and a surplus of pure joy in the happiest of times. Growing up in San Diego the beach was always a part of my very being and I must continue to be a part of it on a regular basis.  While I was walking along the beach, I enjoyed the ocean breeze, cool sand between my toes and vastness of the sea, I thought about the well-liked but seldom used style “Coastal”.

San Diego Travel

Coastal can be inspiring because of the unique elements found only where land meets ocean. It’s not pretentious, over worked, contrived, or filled with souvenirs. It’s relaxed, refreshing, easy-going and friendly. It’s the powerful and continuous rhythm of waves pounding against the sandy beach. Coastal is a contrast of deep blue against pale beige and it’s the gentleness of the spirited and salty blowing wind.  It’s the unforgettable layers of sky, sea, and sand melting into each other. How does this translate into a beautiful room?

Coastal Olioboard

Olioboard Created by: Jill Morse, Interior Designer Associate Member, IDS


Repeat colors like deep ocean blue, sandy beige, clear sky blue or cloudy day gray.

Replicate finishes like weathered wood, sun-bleached washed fabrics or clean white and off-white ceramics.



Apply deep azure blue against light beige or tan.

Make use of matte finishes against a little shine.



Be subtle, understated and quiet with accessories and artwork.

Go…visit the powerful, spectacular, and spirited ocean! Let it fill up your senses and relieve your stress. Then carry those feelings into a room at your home!


Jill Morse

Interior Designer

Associate Member, IDS

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Interior Designer - Associate Member IDS Glendale, Arizona

  • BDL

    Love the colors of the sea! I think you are dead on about the calming affect of the beach. I try to incorporate into my own life always. Like you, I grew up on the beach, along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and it does pull you back. Tying into your own home design does make you feel “at home”.

    • http://stylemeetscomfort.wordpress.com Design Meets Comfort

      It is always comforting to have a piece of home wherever you are. Thanks again for reading.

  • Anonymous

    I feel calmer just reading about the ocean. I’ve recently incorporated soft blues and linen colors into my home, and you’re absolutely right. It’s now time to trade out some of my heavy dark woods…and book a beach vaca! I love the clock shown in the picture.

    • http://stylemeetscomfort.wordpress.com Design Meets Comfort

      There’s no better way to find more inspiration for your home than going on a vacation. The clock is called Paron and is available to order. It’s even more beautiful in person.

  • Tori

    That is a lovely design board. Costal design definitely doesn’t get enough credit. It’s calming and unpretentious yet charming. Thanks for giving it the spotlight it deserves!

    • http://stylemeetscomfort.wordpress.com Design Meets Comfort

      Thank you, Tori. We need more of this refreshing style of design to keep us cool in the desert.